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History Repeats Itself: The Power of the Job Seeker

June 11, 2021 Chris Burkhard
Outside Insights
History Repeats Itself: The Power of the Job Seeker
Show Notes

Welcome to Summer 2021, many have money to spend, time in their vacation banks and freedom to explore. If you're like me, and like many, taking time off has created genuine stomach churning angst. Thoughts like “I might miss something”, “I might look like I don’t care about my team or my company” can run wild. Our perspectives, around remaining safe as family and as businesses, have been front and center for more than a year. Now is the time to refresh, recharge and finally hug your faraway friends and families. The notion almost feels unfamiliar.

Time off does not mean you tune out completely. In fact, this is a great time to grab one of the many unread books and spend time on yourself. Book knowledge, podcasts, and videos all offer opportunities to do something for you and to grow your perspective and shift your mindset.

I like to look at history. To understand the why. It often helps explain how we got here today. In my line of work, oftentimes this means taking a deep look at workforce trends.

Right now, the workforce is in charge. Yet, many workers do not fully know it, nor do they know what to do with the upper hand. Many employees find themselves ill equipped to navigate the job search and effective career management steps.

150 years ago people largely worked for themselves. They were laborers, artisans, and entrepreneurs. Over the years, all of that changed as corporations got bigger and people enjoyed the security that came with a 9-5 job. Companies shepherded us along our careers from mailroom to retirement. Today, that seems to be changing again…

In this week's podcast I meet with Outside Insights Podcast regular, Alan Burkhard, as we unpack the history of work.

So grab your beach chair, charge your ear buds, and get ready to gain perspective on work and careers. Key points Alan and I covered are included below:

- How to leverage historical trends to figure out what's going to happen next
- What drove the industrial revolution and its impact on jobs, our lifestyles and our families
- See the shift in how our career identity shifted from the skills you had to where you worked - and now back again.
- There is a marketplace cycle. A country has resources, capital, labor and overtime government regulation, workplace safety, unions, employee tenure, etc. All of these contributed to improved earning power and quality of life. That is, until costs grow to the point of economic disadvantage and complacency sets in with new global competitors
- Impact of the global economy as the 1970’s shifted us to Technological Revolution
- Global competition and the shift away from a company’s role of “lifetime employer”
- Present day reality: We are all in charge of our own careers, who will be your agent?

Give a listen, take some notes, even journal your thoughts on this one. And as always, send along your ideas and responses. My company will proudly help any job seeker and business that asks for it through our Act of Kindness program detailed below. Click here to talk to a Placers coach free of charge.

Thanks for listening,