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Are You a Change Agent?

September 17, 2021 Chris Burkhard
Outside Insights
Are You a Change Agent?
Show Notes

Change agents have learned to embrace change, to plan for uncertainties and to recognize opportunities within challenges. They prefer to make something happen rather than to react when something happens to them. While we’re working towards this level of adaptability, most of us can’t say that we’re change agents - yet.  

In my humble opinion, the greatest skill gap I see in the workforce is knowing how to leverage change for positive and proactive good in all facets of one's life. At Placers, we work hard to teach the benefits of change and the transformation that takes place during periods of discomfort. 

It’s human nature to crave routine. We get comfortable and set in our ways. Change is hard and adapting to those uncomfortable feelings takes practice. 

Yes, it's a trite example, but do you remember when you started to work out for the Nth time? Before you had more energy and noticed your jeans fitting a little loser, you were downright sore, grumpy and ready to give up on more than one occasion. For a while there, change sucked. 

But we must change to grow - both individuals and businesses. The speed of the world, the pace of change keeps going faster and faster.  Imagine if you could become a student of change and learn to master it’s lessons - to flow with the waves of change instead of swimming against them.

Remember, Blockbuster had the chance to buy Netflix for a small price tag. Nokia used to lead the cell phone industry. And Yahoo declined to buy a small company named Google. They resisted change and missed out, big time.

What could you be missing out on because you’re resistant to change?

In this episode of Outside Insights, podcast regular, Alan Burkhard, explains 

  • How to make something happen by mastering change
  • Why no change is a failure
  • How change and growth are linked together
  • How the current speed of life requires us to move faster than ever
  • How being a change agent might just be the most important topic to study, practice and master.

If there’s one key takeaway from this podcast that I hope you’ll remember and repeat to yourself whenever you’re weighing a tough decision, it’s this:

Status Quo = Good now, bad later

Status quo is comfortable but often fruitless - at least the good kind of fruit.

Change = Bad now, good later

Change is uncomfortable, but change is where progress lies. 

When were you teetering between the status quo and change? What decision did you make? Were you glad that you did? Reply and let me know.

Now, go off and make the bold change you’ve been wanting to make for years. There is no better time than the present. 

Until next time, friends.